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If you are in the Tucson - Marana area of Arizona, be sure to be there to visit one of the most popular national parks and hiking trails in Arizona. The hiking opportunities of this national park offer visitors the opportunity to experience a variety of different types of hiking and mountain biking trails, and offer visitors of all kinds the opportunity to explore the beautiful Arizona landscape. Throughout the park there are a variety of hiking trails and trails that offer a wide range of opportunities for hiking, biking, camping and other activities.

There are several ways to explore the trail, including the Bowen Hidden Canyon Trail, which should take no longer than an hour. If you have time and drive to the resort, the hidden Bowen Canyon Trail is a great way to get to one of Arizona's most popular hiking and mountain biking trails.

The canyon is higher than Tucson, so year-round temperatures are cooler than the more lush surroundings. The trail here and elsewhere in Tucson is best suited for the spring and winter season, as there is absolutely no shade.

The Linda Vista Trail in the Oro Valley is the perfect place to watch the sunset over the mountains from the top of the mountain, overlooking Mt. Baldy and the Sierra Nevada. It is also the only place I have ever seen wild animals and wild boars, and one of my favorite places to hike.

The nature reserve has 12 kilometers of interconnected trails that can be combined at a preferred distance to start on the Saguaro Vista trail. How to get there: There are many access points, although my favorite place to start the ride is in the Rillito River Park. I recommend staying at the entrance of the park on Canyons Rd. , south of the parking lot, and as you look up from the CANYons Linda Vista apartment, you will find a small parking lot on your left.

The unspoilt nature makes it a particularly beautiful place for hiking, unlike others, which are close to busy highways or strip malls. In fact, if you want to save $7 on the entrance fee, the Trailhead is just a few blocks from the Desert Museum. If you are travelling for 3-4 hours, plan to see most of what they have to offer, but plan to see most or all of them.

While we were here, we enjoyed a guided hike and enjoyed the scenic desert waterways that attracted a variety of wildlife to observe. Overall, our visit to Aqua was a great opportunity to get out in the nature in a rare, shady environment that is not found anywhere else in the desert.

We combined our trip to Aqua with a visit to the Saguaro National Park, only 10 miles away. We visited the Red Hills Visitor Center and visited the Sagua Canyon Trailhead and on the way back to our hotel we went through the SAGAARO National Park in the west.

How to get there: The trail starts at the Ritz-Carlton, just outside the park, about 10 miles west of Aqua, Arizona, about 30 miles east of Phoenix. How to get there: The journey begins with the discovery of the road to the Sagua Canyon Trailhead, just a few kilometers from the Saguaro National Park in the west. The park is located on the east side of Arizona near the Red Hills Visitor Center, just 10 miles away.

There are so many ways to explore this amazing area, but one path not to be missed is the Wild Burro Trail. The Bowen Hidden Canyon Trail is a scenic 2-mile loop that starts at the Red Hills Visitor Center, about 10 miles west of Aqua, Arizona. If you're already heading in the same direction, we recommend a day trip to one of the best hiking destinations in southern Arizona, such as the Blue Ridge Trailhead.

Although the hike is simply fantastic, even the drive to the resort is very scenic and fantastic, so don't forget. For a few expensive dollars per vehicle, Saguaro National Park is a great destination for sunsets outside Tucson. Don't miss one of Arizona's most beautiful views from the interstate between Tucson and Phoenix.

Along the way there are numerous viewpoints where you can take photos, explore and more, and forget everything and take an excursion to the neighboring Oro Valley. A drive through the scenic Tumanoc Hill National Park in Marana, Arizona may not be high on your list of fun free tours outside Tucson, but it's a great option if you're doing the intense trek to get there. There are many other great ways to drive through this beautiful part of the state, especially in winter.

A walk through ancient archaeological sites, exploring the cultures cultivated and shaped in the Sonoran Desert and tasting dishes inspired by local ingredients are an experience not to be missed. Visit the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Marana, Arizona, or the Phoenix Museum in Tucson. You will find beautiful pieces in the southwest that definitely give the museum and others in the southwest an interesting twist.

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