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The Hampton Inn Marana Center has opened its new restaurant and sales rooms in the Maranas Center, and what kind of restaurants, sushi, pizza, etc. you can find here. Make sure your favorite sushi bar, pool noodle restaurant or even your pool table are within reach.

This downtown Tucson store offers a mix of vintage, classic and contemporary photography, but also represents artists from other media. The Marana Arizona Shopping Center offers all media and art styles as well as a wide selection of clothing, accessories and accessories.

This colourful shopping district has 13 shops selling locally produced home accessories as well as imported pieces from around the world. The more than 100 shops lining the street are full of funky fashion and souvenir shops.

The Arizona Pavilions Marketplace has many family restaurants and spends time with daily Ross and Dress Less offerings. The plaza also has a variety of restaurants and bars, as well as a number of shops and restaurants. A great place to eat whenever you drop by, cool off or have fun.

Sign up to the Discover Marana email list and we'll share ideas that inspire you to shop at one of the many shops and restaurants in the Phoenix area and beyond. Join us at 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 12 at Arizona Pavilions Marketplace for a free preview of what you can search and shop for.

We believe that sport is an important past - time for our community and we are proud to attract, hire and develop a strong, talented and diverse workforce. We are excited to welcome our first ever - and - missed - baseball game at Arizona Pavilions Marketplace on Saturday, March 12, 2017.

Weingarten Realty Investors expressly prohibits its employees from making honest complaints under this policy or assisting in complaints or investigations. We do not condone any harassment or retaliation against an employee who is doing his expected work.

This policy applies to all employees of Weingarten Realty Investors, including but not limited to employees of our retail stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington, D.C., as well as employees in other states and territories, under labor conditions. To ensure that all our employees work in a safe and respectful environment, free from harassment, discrimination or retaliation, we have developed a set of policies and procedures to protect employees and their families and will do everything we can to ensure that all employees are familiar with these policies and are confident that complaints or violations of these policies will be adequately investigated and resolved.

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If an employee believes that it would be inappropriate to discuss this matter with a supervisor, this should be reported to the head of the human resources department.

The retail employee will perform a number of functions in all areas of the business as required by business requirements. The retail merchant shall deal with these tasks during the working hours allotted to him. If the fulfillment of a task helps us to achieve customer service or operational goals, the employee may be asked to perform additional tasks in certain situations.

Customer questions were answered politely and competently, customers were supported with goods and customer questions answered. The register is trained and is a member of Store Leadership, which can be called by Store Leadership members if required.

Arizona Pavilions Marketplace extends to the south side of Cortaro Road to conveniently park in front of the store. Take Interstate 10, turn right on Interstate 40, then turn left on Cortario Road, then right on the parking lot of Marana Arizona Shopping. If assistance is required to complete the application process, please contact Kristy at (928) 888-467-5555 or Kristi at [email protected] for information.

If you remember, we had a camp that had to behave itself in the late 1970s and early 1980s because of the construction of the Arizona pavilions.

Weingarten Immo Investors consider your right of access to the company and its properties to be protected by this policy. We follow Mark Stock's MOS policy, which includes reviewing and approving all injunctions, and comply with all applicable state and local laws governing the characteristics in which our company must behave at these locations.

In addition, our housing products will help increase the critical mass of people in the region, which is critical to the economic development of the city of Marana, Arizona, and the local economy. Retail and tourism make a significant contribution to our VAT and bed tax, allowing the city to continue its strategic efforts to develop the economy through tourism. We see this as a great opportunity to showcase the best of both worlds: retail and retail tourism in a safe, secure shopping environment that creates a safe shopping environment for all.

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