Marana Arizona Things To Do

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If you are heading to the Saguaro National Park in the west, visit the Red Hills Visitor Center and plan to stay 3-4 hours to see most of what the desert museum has to offer. Learn more about the history of the Arizona desert and its history as a tourist destination when visiting the University of Arizona.

How to get there: The park is located just a few miles north of the University of Arizona campus in the town of Marana, Arizona. We recommend that you start from the Visitor Center on the south side of Interstate 10 near the intersection of US Highway 395 and U-10 and proceed to the main entrance of the park on I-40, Rd. Find a parking space for your car in a nearby parking lot or browse the amenities and floor plans for all available rates. Getting there - We recommend the Red Hills Visitor Center on U-40, south of SR-90, between Interstate 40 and R.A.R.D. Road.

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Spending a few hours in freshwater is the perfect way to spend a leisurely, lazy morning and enjoy the diverse flora of the Sonoran Desert. How to get there: Start your drive by driving through the beautiful and scenic Sweetwaters Canyon National Park, north of Marana. This canyon is higher than Tucson, and therefore offers cooler temperatures year-round than the more lush surroundings. By the way, the trails here and elsewhere in Tucson are best suited for the spring and winter season, as there is absolutely no shade.

Arizona Pavilions Marketplace, home to the Harkins Theatre and popular local restaurants, offers a variety of outdoor activities including swimming, cycling, hiking, fishing and camping. Combine a trip to Aqua with a visit to Saguaro National Park, just 10 km away, and you're on your way back to one of Arizona's most popular tourist destinations.

Book a room at Days Inn and Suites in nearby Tucson and you'll be on your way to several desert canyons, including Wild Burro Canyon and Cochie Canyons. If you have time and drive to the resort, Bowen's Hidden Canyon Trail is as close as you can get to having it all. Sedona offers a different kind of breathtaking beauty whether you know the feeling of the Southwest or not.

There are so many ways to explore this amazing area, but one path not to be missed is the Wild Burro Trail. The Turquoise Trail, officially called the Presidio Trail, is a walk, and the loop is part of a paved network of paths that covers a total of 120 miles, with another 10 planned in the future. From the top of the canyon, you can see the city of Sedona and other picturesque places along the way.

If you are considering settling in a luxury village where population is your top priority, you should put Marana, Arizona, on your list.

The Saguaro National Park offers a beautiful backdrop to enjoy flora and fauna. The oldest continuously maintained green space in Arizona offers some of the most spectacular views in the state of Arizona and the world. The hiking possibilities of this national park give visitors the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of this beautiful place and its natural wonders. Located in a quiet, picturesque location just a few miles south of Phoenix, Marana is surrounded by tranquility, making it easy to reach the nearest attractions.

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More About Marana